The bs#* war in Ukraine

The bs#* war in Ukraine

As everyone else I will start by conveying my sympathies for the people in Ukraine in the middle of a war that should not exist in the 21st century. You are one hell of a people, you have my full respect.

As I am a simple software developer, without wartime experience, I will not try to analyze the war, nor comment on the bigger picture or on what should be done. I think there are too many armchair analysts already doing that and I honestly find it repugnant.

Instead, I will approach it from my own experience.

As a software developer I have had a fair chance of meeting colleagues from Ukraine, both working  in in-house projects as well as external consultants working remotely from Kyiv.

I have never met a more humble software developer than an Ukrainian one.

If that is to go by from my experience Ukrainians are a very hard working and friendly people. They deliver what they promise. They take pride in their people and what they do.

I have seen that since Crimea in 2014 Ukrainians have been trying their best to modernize their country and move toward a more western democratic society where everyone is free to wade their own path, without the fear of physical harm and oppression. I think we Finnish people have a lot in common with those traits.

I know my words have no meaning for the Ukrainian people; they are not food or shelter from the bombing and bullets, nor are they grenades to throw, nor will they help you escape the misery. I strongly feel like the Finnish president put it:

While it feels really small the only thing I can do right now is acknowledge the situation as it is, acknowledge that the this is 100% Russia and they are going to pay for their aggression, one way or the other, and I promise to help however I can when our paths cross.

I believe that the world is heading in the better direction now though after seeing a guiding light that is the Ukrainian people. The decision makers in EU and US are slow, but with the right incentives and the common enemy Russia made itself, I am sure progress will get there.

I think the whole world feels your sorrow, so do I. Now be safe, and make it through the night. For your own freedom. Slava Ukraini!

John Ahlroos

John Ahlroos